When people think of dentures they still often think of bright pink porcelain false teeth that fit badly and move around in the mouth.

Happily we can now provide dentures that fit significantly better and look far more cosmetically pleasing

Modern Types of Dentures

There are two modern types that we fit here in Possilpark. There are acrylic dentures and there are metal cobalt chrome dentures.

Acrylic dentures are the most commonly fitted type of denture. They can be used for upper and lower complete tooth replacement or as partial dentures.

Cobalt chrome dentures are more cosmetic. They are very discrete and very comfortable alternative to traditional acrylic dentures and provide a good alternative for patients who require multiple teeth replacement.

Cobalt chrome dentures are significantly smaller. They often require a little bit of tooth preparation to fit but they look good and often other people cannot even tell it you are wearing dentures.

Possilpark denture patient
You have a choice of modern cosmetic dentures

Why Would I Need Dentures?

Implants are the closest thing to getting your own teeth back but dentures can still be useful in a number of situations. For example, dentures can be useful where you require multiple teeth extracted and you want for a short term immediate replacement prior to any long term fix such as implants or bridges.

What Is The Process for Getting Dentures?

  1. On your first appointment we take impressions of your mouth.
  2. We then assess and measure your bite to ensure your teeth will be aligned correctly
  3. Together we decide on the precise shade of your dentures.
  4. Finally, once the lab has finished its work, we provide you with your new dentures.

Will My Dentures Ever Need Replaced?

We recommend that you replace your new dentures every five to ten years Some people will have their dentures significantly longer than this; other patients will have to change their dentures sooner.

We also recommend to you come back to see your dentist every six months so we can check the fit of your denture. It is possible to realign dentures in some situation to save having to replace an entire dentures. However your mouth does change and so sometimes, we do need to replace you dentures.